Friday, December 7, 2012

Today's prayer

“I yearn for the stillness and silence of Advent.  I’m desperate to not sleepwalk through the darkest days of this season. I long to do nothing now, but just be. To just be in the mystery and blackness of the womb of your Spirit that nurtures new life. “  
 And quoting from The Celtic Wheel of the Year:
   “ Before the first snowflake, before the first glimpse of green, before the sun pulls back further the dark drapes of day; here, in this day, give the sign of your blessing that I may trust the new thing happening little by little this day.”


Real Live Preacher said...

I've longed for Advent every year at this time. Mostly I don't find it except in small moments here and there.

KJ said...

yeah, i think that's true for me too. yet, i still ask for more moments.