Monday, September 17, 2007

A Question...and a requested update!

I was visting with a friend the other day. She goes to one of the big mega-Baptist churches in town. Great girl; my age; very fun. And she is steeped in the fundamentalism I grew up with. The Bible, for her, is a literal account of people, places and events. Our conversation mostly revolved around her telling me what the Bible says about God; quoting scriptures the way I used to be able to. At some point during the hour or so we talked I thought, "Why is it that the church seems to rely soley on what the Bible says about God?" I like the Bible. I like the stories. I read about some facinating people and great events in their lives. Their stories seem to be timeless and I can relate to or learn from them. But...I don't believe (at least today) that every story is exactly the way modern man has translated an ancient language. Maybe some of the stories never really happened. I realize that I'm speaking heresay for some folks. I'm probably going to straight to hell. Oh, well. I like what Rob Bell says in his book, Velvet Elvis. "It's not that these stories happened, but that they happen." So, why does the Bible have to be the end all, be all for God? What about other great men and women through history who had just as great a faith as Abraham, Isaac or King David. Can't we learn about God from them, too? Maybe we do, but they don't seem to get the same credibility as Paul. Is this a dumb question? Maybe just an ignorant question? I'm certainly not a scholar nor do I have any formal education to speak very intelligently on the Bible and it's history. I'm just curious.

On another note, an Eagle update has been requested! TJ has played 2 games since I last posted scores. I can report one loss (sadly) and one win. TJ had great games both weeks. During one game he had just under 100 yards. During last week's game he didn't have many yards, but he had 3 touchdowns! YeeHaw!! We have the week off while we get ready for District play. Get ready we come!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Friday Night Lights, part 2

After a 1 1/2 hour rain delay, we finally played football. At Midnight the last whistle blew. The final score:

Georgetown 24
San Antonio Alamo Heights 21

Yeah Eagles!!

Oh, and by the way...TJ, among his many great moments throughout the night, ran for an 80 yard touchdown. HAH! I'm so proud.