Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TJ is going to college!

For over a month, TJ has been bombarded by colleges who are interested in him for football. Almost daily, he gets a call from someone that says, “We really want you.” How cool is that?! It would make anyone feel good, but it certainly does to an 18 year old young man! It’s been fun for all of us. Last week, he visited a little Franciscan founded Catholic school in Illinois. One of his teammates and a coach made the trip together. He had a blast. He met all the coaches, a few players, went to a basketball game, and was treated to a big ‘ole steak dinner. They made him a great offer; about 95%. This private school’s yearly tuition is about $28, 000. We’re pretty happy about 95% scholarship! We talked all weekend and Monday night had a long talk with the coach that traveled with him. Yesterday he made a verbal commitment to be a Quincy University Hawk! ( He is so excited! I have a ton of mixed feelings. I’m absolutely excited for him. I’m realizing that the clock is ticking on his time left at home. August 5 will be here before we know it. And he'll be 851.07 miles away...according to Mapquest. Ugh...I was really hoping for a Texas school.

I'm also immensely proud of him. He has worked so hard at school and yesterday he brought home his sememster report card...all A's except for one 88. This is the 1st time ever for so many A's. It's always been a mix of B's an C's with an occassional A. We are receiving many letters of recommendation from teachers and coaches. I cry each time a read a letter. His teachers love him and clearly have much respect for him. Four or five years ago, this was definitely NOT the case...barely passsing any class, always in trouble for fighting, teachers did not even want him in their class. Over the last four years he has completley tranformed. It's amazing and I'm deeply humbled. Inviting him to live with us was one of those things we KNEW God was asking us to do and we KNEW we just had to say yes. I'll take no credit for all this young man has become and is becoming. It is God; it is the power of love. I'm humbled, honored and just so grateful to be right in the middle of this. I hope I live a long, long life experiencing the many blessings that are to come. Yet, this may be one of the greatest things I've ever done or been a part of. Wow.

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year's Camping

I'm finally getting back to a normal "before Christmas" routine. I love Christmas, travelling, seeing my family...but it has a life of it's own. It's fun for awhile, but I'm feeling more settled now that everyday life is back to it's usual pattern. I'm still catching up on downloading tons of pictures from the holidays. I thought I would share a little family outing with you.
We decided it would be fun to go camping during the holidays. Great idea. We all love to camp; TJ loves to fish. We finally got our act together and decided to go on New Year's Eve. What a fun way to spend NYE', right? None of us are wild and crazy party people, so this was a good fit for us. So myself, my husband, TJ and his girlfrind went to Inks Lake State Park. A really beautiful park in the Hill Country on the banks of the Colorado River. was going to be below freezing that night. We knew this and went anyway. I dont' know why. I'm a native Texan; I don't do cold very well. I love camping, but I probably won't go in January again! By 9:30 that night, my little toes were numb...for real. Nevertheless, we had a good time. We roasted marshmallows, fished and stared at the stars. For me, few things are better than star gazing far, far away from city lights. We also watched scary pitch dark. Pretty fun! We survived the night, barely, and woke to a gorgeous morning. The park has beautiful trails along the river and we took advantage of those before heading home.

Though I was miserably cold at times, it was time well spent as a family. I'm mindful of taking advantage these times before TJ leaves for college. The clock is ticking on the time he has left here. Those are thoughts for another day, though. Great way to start 2008!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Life has seasons; or at least I think there are in my life. For the past couple of months or so, I seem to be in a place that…it’s been hard to describe. I’m not particularly motivated towards anything; generally low-key emotionally but easily frustrated and impatient, introspective but no action taken from my discoveries…ugh…like I said, hard to describe. Kind of stuck, I suppose. There are many things I enjoy, I laugh, have fun, throw parties…yet somehow disconnected.

I had lunch with a friend just before Christmas. She talked of her “seasons.” I heard of this idea before, but never really looked at my own life. If I take a look at my life over 39 years, I can see a pattern of big life events that happen during the last few months of the year. My father’s death, the downfall of my first marriage, career changes (or lay-offs), my parents divorce…to name a few. But there have been good things as well: my father’s wedding to his 2nd wife, my graduation from Baylor, getting engaged. A therapist I see from time to time talks of how the body holds memories. So..."What memories does my body remember during this time of year?" This idea intrigues me. And yet, I wonder that my current “state” is the result of work being extremely slow. I’m a total commission sales person. So, it’s a scary, frustrating and boring time. I’m also dealing with some really hard work in my marriage. One that continues to remind me the chaotic home I grew up in. Just those two things are pretty big. It makes sense that those situations alone would be enough to make an introvert crawl into her shell. So…is it choice A or choice B? Or choice C…all of the above? I've always hated multiple choice questions. I guess I want reasons or answers…so I can fix this and move on. It’s frustrating. Intellectually, I know that down times have their purpose. It’s sometimes just hard to accept. Nature has its seasons. Autumn and Winter are necessary. Stillness and dormancy have their purpose. I feel drawn to explore this time; yet I draw in very close to myself. Which, I suppose, it why I haven’t been blogging.

Not a very upbeat New Year’s message! But I’ve missed writing; I'mmaking myself sit and write today! Everyone is gone today and my home is quiet for the 1st time in a month; makes it easier to do some things that are just for me. Thanks for listening.